Virtual Terrarium Making

In our virtual terrarium making workshop, you will learn how to create your very own self-watering garden in a jar.

Price from: £65pp+ VAT

Minimum booking of 10 attendees

Upgrade to large terrarium for + £10pp


  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Attendees: 10-100
  • Full terrarium kit sent to guests
  • Learn from an expert gardener
  • Hosted via Zoom
  • Great team building activity
  • Fun alternative hen party activity

Create your very own garden in a jar with our virtual terrarium making workshop. In this workshop, you will be taught about the history of terrariums as well as how to make the most out of yours and keep it healthy and happy. Furthermore, our expert gardener will guide you through the session, showing you the techniques and ways to create your very own terrarium.

You will build your terrarium layer by layer. Understanding how the correct order of planting can ensure that your terrarium will eventually be able to be self-sufficient and look after its self.

Furthermore, at the end of the workshop, there will be an opportunity for each guest to showcase their terrarium and have the expert host pick the best terrarium.

Take a look down the page to see what’s included in our virtual terrarium making workshop.

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What’s provided– Virtual terrarium making

Not only will you receive a full kit to use to make your terrarium, but you will also learn live from an expert.

Within our virtual terrarium making kit you will receive:

  • A vessel to make your terrarium in
  • Small stones for drainage layer
  • Large pastel coloured pebbles for decoration
  • Houseplant compost
  • 4x combination of small and larger succulents
  • Crushed seashell sand

You will also be encouraged to use any fun things from around your house such as little figures or props to put in your terrarium.

With our virtual terrarium making workshop, you will also receive tuition, advice and tips and tricks from the live Zoom workshop.

There will of course be an option to ask our expert questions.  They will also teach best practice for looking after your terrarium to ensure its longevity.

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