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You rarely hear the words ”invention” or ”creation” when ordering food either at a restaurant or at an event, however, when ordering from this dessert station that is exactly what you will be thinking.

Reasons to book this act

•    Unique liquid nitrogen injection system

•    Science themed entertainment

•    Instant ice cream for up to 1500 guests

•    Two custom flavours can be made

•    Over 20 flavours to choose from

Watch our dessert station

Watch our Food station in action, serving unique and creative ice creams. Our Unique ice cream parlour looks unique and exciting and would suit a variety of events. Our food entertainers will entertain guests at your next party with their unique science themed desserts.

Enquire about Nitrogen Ice Cream Parlour

Enquiry Response

Our unique ice cream parlour for hire is the perfect nitrogen dessert station for your next event whether it be a Halloween themed event, corporate event, private party or a family fun day. The food entertainers will create fresh and exciting desserts like never seen before.

Our food and drink entertainment and nitrogen dessert station will wow guests, creating an unusual science themed show, with a choice of over 20 flavours. The Nitrogen food stations for hire can create two bespoke flavours just for your event, giving your guests, even more, to talk about!

Our unique ice cream parlour for hire and food entertainers can cater for up to 1500 guests emphasising that all guests at your next event will get to taste the delicious and science themed desserts.

The nitrogen dessert station uses a unique liquid nitrogen injection system to create fresh and creative ice cream quickly for the guests at your next event. The food and drink entertainment create a fantastic science themed show that will ensure your guests remember your party for years to come.

The nitrogen dessert station and unique ice cream parlour for hire have a science themed stand/parlour that looks very different to traditional ice cream parlours which will attract your guests and add an element of excitement to your next family fun day.

Our food entertainers and food and drink entertainment are available to hire for a wide range of events from weddings to exhibitions and family fun days. Our science themed show and nitrogen dessert station are available to hire across London and the UK for a wide variety of events. Book our Nitrogen food stations for hire to give your event a unique twist.

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