Themed Photo Booth

This event entertainment photo booth hire will be a hit at your event, giving your guests an attraction to go to and even take something home from the event!

Perfect for making memories with the fantastic photos the event photo booth creates! They even offer a ‘Magic Photo Mirror’, ‘Light Up Letters’, ‘Dance Floors’ and much more…

Reasons to Book This Photo Booth

  • Fantastic unique event entertainment for your event that your guests will enjoy
  • Fun event entertainment that enables your guests to take something home from the event
  • The event entertainment can provide a variety of services such as their ‘magic photo mirror’
  • The event photo booth helps your guests bond
  • Different event entertainment to bring to your event
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Unique event entertainment, like our photo booth, is always a hit at any event, with the fun the event photo booth provides.

The event photo booth is equipped with very high-grade equipment and is big enough to get a large group of people in. This event entertainment is perfect for getting your guests together and creating a memorable, fun event.

This unique event entertainment can provide a variety of attractions: ‘magic photo mirror’, ‘light up letters’ ‘LED Dance Floor’ and ‘Survey booths’.

This makes them suitable for a diverse range of events. This event entertainment has also received numerous positive testimonials, showing the positive impact their event photo booth and magic photo mirror has on guests at an event.

On top of this, the event photo booth enables your guests to take something home from the event, making the event more memorable for you and your guests – it gives you all something to look back on after the event!

If you are interested in booking any unique event entertainment, like this event photo booth, do not hesitate to get in contact with our team!

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