Robot Dance Show

Our high-energy multimedia dance show will be a valuable addition to any event, with their high-impact outfits and impressive dancing talent.

The futuristic dance show group are perfectly synchronized with each other and will put on a show that will truly blow away your audience. The robot dance group have a lot of dancing experience and will not fail to put on a show.

Reasons to Book This Artist

  • This 3D mapping dance show has taken 1st place in the World Dance Championships in Croatia
  • The technology dance show travel globally to provide their act
  • This multimedia dance show has worked with some impressive companies, such as Samsung
  • Extremely futuristic dance show group – they blow your audience away with their performance
  • This robot dance group will be a unique addition to any event
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Watch our 3D mapping dance show in action!

Have a look at our technology dance show in action, as they show off one of their dance routines. The multimedia dance show members have a vast experience in the dancing industry, taking “finalist” places in talent show “Got Talent” on several occasions and providing the futuristic dance show at several events. This robot dance group will be a perfect fit for several events with the variety of routines they provide. Your audience will be amazed by this 3D mapping dance show and how they make use of the technology in their dance routines.

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This fantastic multimedia dance show will be a unique and valuable addition to any event, with the variety the 3D mapping dance show offer.

This futuristic dance show is sure to put on a dramatic dance performance for your event, giving them an act to remember. Our technology dance show has mind-blowing talent, visually stunning outfits, and 3D projections that all come together to create an impacting story.

The 3D mapping dance show has a very impressive background, giving you the reassurance that they will not fail to put on a fantastic show for your event. The multimedia dance show has made it to the finals of the TV show “Got Talent” for two years running (2013 and 2014), and then again in 2017.

They also took first place in the World Dance Championships in Croatia in 2013 and have cooperated with several leading Polish singers. Furthermore, they have also worked with huge corporations such as Huawei, HP, Microsoft, Lenovo and Samsung.

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Fun technology dance show

This projection dance show is also suitable for a variety of events, being that the 3D projection aspect of the show gives you endless possibilities, allowing them to cater their routine to suit your event.

The story dance show allows you to put images, logos, text etc. onto the screen on stage, giving you endless options on the unique dance performance.

The story dance show also travels globally just to provide their act. In the three years alone, they have travelled to twelve different countries, including Japan, Germany, Spain and France.

They are a well-known, proven multimedia dance show that will not fail to put on a show for your audience.

For more information on our story dance show or if you want to find more acts like our projection dance show, do not hesitate to get in contact with our team.

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