Scrum Chums Rugby Walkabout Act

Frenetic Engineering are experts in street theatre and interactive performance and have performed all over the world!

As far afield as award-nominated shows in Perth Fringe, arts and sporting events all over the UK, Germany, Spain, Croatia, Belgium, Dublin, Cardiff, Dubai and much more. We have performed at Man Utd football ground, Stoke and West Ham as well as events in shopping centres all over the UK.

We are guaranteed to be visual, animated and fun for all ages. Scrum Chums are a new walkabout for 2015 for the Rugby World Cup and we are already fully booked with our first Rugby walkabout characters so we have created a new one to take new bookings from this week.

Scrum Fun will give a warm-hearted and funny look at Rugby to entertain fans before the game. A giant rugby ball runs amok while the comedy rugby player who is a reject from their local team attempt to start a game and have fun engaging with the crowd.

The hilarious female character will be in it for the boys and will ask people the rules but not want to get dirty and the male character is terribly unfit, gets it all wrong and is a bit dim. Expect fun smiles and mayhem, a fun and irreverent look at Rugby.

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