Versatile Female Vocalist

This versatile female singer is perfect for any wedding or corporate event in London and the UK that you want to add some soul too.

With ten years of professional experience as a solo singer and literally hundreds of weddings under her belt, this female vocalist is a sure bet to keep your guests well entertained.

Reasons to Book This Artist

  • Setlist ranging from the ’50s to modern-day
  • Can provide specialist Motown and Soul performance
  • Has worked for reputable companies eg. Disney
  • Can learn and perform 1 song of your choice
  • Clients of this female singer have only ever given good feedback
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Solo Singer – Watch it here

For a powerful performance that’s full of soul, this female singer is available for hire today. She really is a solo singer that’s perfect for weddings and corporate events in London and the UK.

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Being one of our most experienced female singers, the Versatile female vocalist will be sure to steal the show at your corporate event in London and the UK. With a repertoire of songs ranging from the ’50s to modern-day, and a specialist soul and Motown set on offer, there isn’t an audience out there this solo singer isn’t suitable for.

After accumulating a decade of experience as a professional vocalist, we can safely say this female singer has been busy over the last ten years. Having performed at major venues including the Sheffield Arena and Birmingham Symphony Hall, and routinely touring the globe for some of Disney’s most acclaimed shows, this female vocalist certainly one of the more accomplished musicians we have the pleasure being able to hire out to you for weddings and corporate events across London and the UK.

Previous clients are always more than happy to share their praises for this talented professional solo singer. One has described the female vocalist as having ‘brilliant vocals’ and another expressing that they ‘hope to book you for an event soon’. A common theme in her feedback from weddings is this solo singer has a way of making the couples’ first dances an unforgettable experience, with her ability to personalise her soulful performances to suit her audience at the wedding being accredited with making the function stand out from others.

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Talented female vocalist for hire

The passion this solo singer has for what she does unprecedented, and she is willing to travel to all four corners of the world to provide one of her special performances. This female vocalist is available to book for weddings and corporate events in London and the UK, as well as in internationally, proving just how dedicated she is to ensuring her simply breathtaking vocals are heard.

If you’re after powerful and soulful vocals for your wedding or corporate event in London and the UK, this solo singer is certainly someone we’d strongly recommend that you book as soon as you can. As far as female vocalists go, there aren’t many available for hire as dedicated to making your function special as our Versatile Female Vocalist.

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