Speed Painting Artist

This speed painter is the perfect art-based entertainment that will create a phenomenal experience for all of your guests.

Our live event speed painter is the perfect entertainment option to hire for a wide range of events including; corporate events, product launches or celebrity parties in India and across the world.

Reasons To Book Our Speed Painting Artist:

  • Our speed painter can create any portrait in under 5 minutes
  • Creates vibrant quality artwork
  • Years of experience
  • An act that is passionate about artistic entertainment
  • Uses multiple techniques such as light art, single and double canvas
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Watch Our Speed Painting Artist In Action!

Watch and prepare to be amazed by our performance speed painter. This incredible live event artist is based in India and has performed in front of a variety of audiences.

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Our speed painter for hire is a quality act that has years of experience performing in many stage shows and was selected to perform at Living Talent Dubai.

Our speed artist for hire is able to create a variety of paintings in under five minutes leaving audiences stunned. Our artistic performer’s talents are accompanied by his ability to produce wall art, acrylics, oil paintings, and sculptures.

As a professional speed painting artist, this act specialises in creating spectacular artwork in cabaret performances and stage shows. As a result of our act having many years of experience he has created a name for himself as one of the most skilled speed painters in the entertainment industry.

Our live event painter uses a number of varied high-impact techniques to deliver his amazing show. To add to this our artistic performer for hire has painted some of Bollywood’s biggest stars and can even produce paintings using just his tongue.

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What types of events can our Speed Painter be hired for?

This act is the perfect entertainment addition for corporate events, product launches, and private parties. Our performance speed painter is all about maximising audience participation and so will always keep guests guessing and even invite some on stage to be a part of his performance.

For more information on our artistic performer for hire do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team.

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