Onyx Halloween Stilt Walkers

Our Onyx stilt walkers for hire will create a fun time for all with their uniquely all black costumes. These weird but wonderful beings have come from other lands seeking a new habitat to investigate and roam. The Onyx stilt walkers have been described as silhouettes on stilts because of their dark costumes and stalking movements.

The Onyx stilt walkers are shadows who will catch anyone’s eye as they are dressed in jet black outfits. Performing on insect-like legs, the Onyx stilt walkers move in a unique and specific way that you will never have seen before. This fascinating walkabout act will be sure to mesmerise and captivate anyone who views them.

Our Onyx stilt walkers are a truly intriguing trio who will be sure to create a fun and memorable time for all. Our jet-black stilt walkers can be hired as both meet and greet and walkabout entertainment. The Onyx stilt walkers are the perfect entertainment option to hire for a wide range of events including; corporate events, shopping centre events or private events in the UK and Australia.

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Take a look at our weirdly wonderful Onyx stilt walkers. The all-black stilt walkers are a mysterious act that travels from event to event exploring new places and meeting new people as they go. They move in a completely unique way that will be sure to captivate all of your guests at your next event.

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