The Crazy Clowns

The Crazy Clown stilt walkers for hire are a fun-filled act that communicates through the power of mime.

This colourful pair will create a wacky time for all with their abundance of fun. The Clown stilt walkers always carry their vivid windmills with them, which help to create a sense of magic around them.

Our Crazy Clown stilt walkers are available to hire in London and across the UK.

Our eccentric Clown stilt walkers are dressed in multi-coloured costumes that include; vibrant wigs, nutty hats and an array of weird and wacky props.

Clowns have always been a popular entertainment option as a part of the circus, but our Clowns have left the circus to pursue a career on stilts.

The Crazy Clown stilt walkers are a fun-filled duo that is an incredibly versatile act and are something that the whole family can enjoy.

Our Crazy Clown stilt walkers are the perfect entertainment option to hire for a wide range of events including; circus-themed events, shopping centre events, corporate events and much more across the UK and in London.

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