Electric FX

Electric FX provide some of the most thrilling pyrotechnics and professional fireworks displays in the industry.

You can hire our special effects and their services for corporate events, live events and outdoor festivals in London and the UK.

Reasons to Book This Service

  • Have worked on corporate events for Chelsea Football Club, BBC, ITV, Samsung etc.
  • Delivered special effects for huge live events like the BRIT awards and 6 Nations Rugby
  • Provide numerous services – pyrotechnics, fireworks displays, lights displays etc.
  • 20 years of experience in special effects with vast, high-profile and satisfied clientele
  • A passionate team that love working on corporate events, live events and outdoor festivals
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Watch them in action here!

Electric FX is one of the coolest special effects companies in London and the UK. Take a look at how that bring your corporate event, outdoor festival or live event to life with their awesome pyrotechnics, lights and fireworks displays.

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Electric FX has one of the most innovative special effects teams in the country at their disposal, who love showing off just how good their pyrotechnics, lights and fireworks displays are.

They’ve been the driving force behind some of the most outrageous corporate events, outdoor festivals and live events in London and the UK for the last 20 years, building up a long list of thrilled clients along the way. If you watch TV, the likelihood is you’ve seen their work, as they’ve delivered top-quality special effects displays for many televised commercial live events.

Whether you’re after crazy pyrotechnics, an out of this world firework display, or one of their trademark surreal light displays, you’re guaranteed to have your mind blown by this incredible special effects team. Previous clients have been queueing up to praise their work in pyrotechnics and fireworks displays, with one stating ‘A fantastic fireworks display … It was perfect’, and another claiming it was ‘one of the most spectacular events we’ve ever had’, which is a testament to, not only their technical skills, but their ability to create a memorable experience.

You’ll struggle to find a special effects team more dedicated to their jobs than this one. They constantly being booked for all sorts of corporate events, outdoor festivals and live events, and somehow keep improving on their seemingly impeccable pyrotechnics, fireworks displays and light displays. Always proving that they’re true professionals, each event keeps getting bigger, better and more outrageous than the last. Not to mention some of the high profile clientele they keep managing to attract with their almost faultless CV.

For more information on how to secure Electric FX pyrotechnics, fireworks displays or lights displays for your next corporate event, outdoor festival or live event, get in touch with us now before they get booked up!

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