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Looking to book some amazing BMX Freestyle Shows for your event?

BMX Freestyle Shows are a popular option for Exhibitions, Product Launches and Street Shows due to their high-adrenaline, intense performances.

Freestyle BMX is an Extreme Sport where riders perform some of the most insane, impressive skills that come together to bring an exciting show to your audience that draws in huge crowds.

These shows require a tremendous amount of skill is an extremely disciplined sport that is very demanding. As a result, the freestyle shows they perform are truly a spectacle of human athleticism.

Our Freestyle Shows combine break dancing, balance, spins and accurate movements to make incredible movements while on a BMX. Our Freestyle Shows can be performed on the street, in Arenas and at dedicated shows.

They are a very popular option for drawing foot traffic to exhibition stands, store opening and as an Arena Shows. Not only this, it will make your brand really stand out as it creates a unique appeal to your stand.

If you would like to book a BMX show for your event, simply call or email us today to find out more!



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