Edible Molecular Droplets

Food stands for hire are the perfect unique entertainment option for your event. This bubble act is truly unique with flavoured bubbles ready to eat.

Alcoholic or non-alcoholic the choice is up to you! The molecular catering can also be customised to suit your event making it the perfect food stand.

Reasons to Book This Artist

  • Unique and unusual molecular catering
  • Bubble act with different flavours available
  • Alcoholic/non-alcoholic desserts for hire
  • The food stand has been featured on TV
  • Custom flavour service available
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Unique entertainment in action

Watch our fantastic bubble act and food stand in action. These bubbles are a delicious dessert station option, available with both alcoholic and non-alcoholic flavours with a customisable option available giving you a bespoke molecular catering service.

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Looking for a one of a kind, unique food stand for hire? Well, our bubble act is perfect for you! With alcoholic and non-alcoholic options our molecular catering is suitable for many events from corporate events and product launches to family fun days and weddings.

Unique entertainment is the key to making an event original, exciting and bespoke. This dessert station will certainly give your event the wow factor! Customisable flavours can be created specifically for your event making it even more original and exciting.

The molecular catering is a unique entertainment option with cascading bubbles that have flavour, straight from Willy Wonka! Your guests will love this unusual food stand, children will enjoy the bubble act and will love the fact that they can eat the bubbles, the adults will enjoy the alcoholic and non-alcoholic options.

With over ten flavours available, all guests can enjoy. The flavours that the bubble act and food stand supply vary from 12 single malt whisky, strawberry daiquiri, milk chocolate and more.

Our dessert station for hire has been featured on TV highlighting that the unique entertainment is very popular and highly sought after. The bubble act is visually pleasing with LED lights and doesn’t take up too much room, allowing you to have plenty of room at your venue.

Molecular catering is exciting and very unusual, giving your event a unique and bespoke feel making it memorable and unforgettable for years to come.

Our unique entertainment for hire is available to hire for corporate events, product launches, weddings, family fun days, brand activations and more. Hire our food stand for events across London and the UK.

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