Edible Mist Machines

The Edible Mist Machines are free-standing orbs that create an intense micro cloud of inhalable flavour. Your guests will be blown away as they suck the different flavours through a straw.

Using cutting edge ultrasonic vaporising technology, each machine produces a continuous stream of edible mist all at zero calories, which is contained to the orbs.

Reasons to book this artist

  •  Zero calories
  •  Range of over 200 flavours
  •  Can create a custom flavoured mist
  •  Previous clients include EE & Coca-Cola
  •  Can attend a variety of events
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Edible mist in action!

Watch our Edible Mist Machines in action. This theatrical catering option is the perfect option for those who want dessert but with zero calories, with over 200 flavours what more could you ask for?

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Interested in molecular event catering? Well, these Nitrogen Mist Machines will be perfect for you and your next event!

Our unusual edible treats to hire have been created with ultrasonic vaporisation to create a unique catering experience that you and your guests haven’t experienced before.

The Nitrogen Mist Machines contain over 200 different flavours of flavoured micro-mist from caviar to coffee, chocolate and lots more.

Not only do the machines offer 200 different flavoured micro-mist but the unusual edible treats can also be customised to create a unique and bespoke flavoured micro-mist for your event alone. Who wouldn’t want their own unique ultrasonic vaporisation and flavoured micro-mist? We certainly do!

The molecular event catering will wow your guests and really will be an unusual edible treat that will ensure that your guests never forget your event! Not only are the Nitrogen Mist Machines unique and original but they also have zero calories, the perfect dessert that you can eat more and more of, no guilt!

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Edible mist machines available to hire for weddings in London and the UK.

The ultrasonic vaporisation has travelled to various events with clients such as EE, Coca-Cola and AON showing that the Nitrogen Mist Machines are incredibly popular and highly sought after, probably because they taste so great and are unusual edible treats that few have tried before.

The flavoured micro-mist is very original and will leave guests talking about your event for years to come and the ultrasonic vaporisation is also aesthetically pleasing which will leave your guests wowed and wanting more.

Our Molecular event catering is available to hire for a wide range of events from family fun days to weddings, corporate events, Halloween events and lots more. The unusual edible treats and flavoured micro-mist are available to hire throughout London and the UK.

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