The Amazing Victorian Magician

Our Victorian-themed magician is an exciting entertainer who has been performing for over 20 years.

This talented close-up magician is dressed to kill in his authentic Victorian top hat and tails and can also be accompanied by his realistic Penny Farthing bicycle.

Reasons to Book This Artist

  • Magic Circle Magician
  •  Authentic Penny Farthing bicycle
  •  Over 20 years of experience
  •  Previous clients include; The Royal Air Force, Harrods & Richard Branson
  •  Amazing Victorian-themed entertainer
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Our walkabout magician is a talented Victorian-themed close-up magician who has been entertaining for over 20 years.

This Dickensian-themed walkabout magician can perform a wide range of magic including close-up magic. Our Victorian-themed entertainment will enhance any Victorian-themed event with his authenticity and Penny Farthing bicycle.

This walkabout magician is the perfect Victorian-themed entertainment to hire for events such as public events and shopping centres. Our interactive Victorian-themed entertainment will delight shoppers and passers-by as he performs.

This Dickensian-themed close-up magician will seamlessly interact with people, wowing them with amazing magic and his dapper Victorian clothing. Our walkabout magician is incredibly versatile and can be booked as a walkabout magician, close-up magician or as a magic show.

This talented close-up magician is a member of the Magic Circle and has been performing over 20 years. Our close-up magician has created various unique magic shows that blends together the Victorian theme and the wonder of magic. This Victorian-themed entertainment will be sure to create an exciting time for all with his unrivalled showmanship.

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Victorian-themed magician for hire in the UK.

Our Victorian-themed entertainment show features a delightfully authentic Penny Farthing bicycle that our Steampunk-themed performer uses to glide around any event. Members of the public will be amazed by the vintage Penny Farthing as it is something unique and unusual.

The Penny Farthing bicycle can also be lit up with RGB LED lights which will give it a luminescent effect, enhancing your event even further. The LED lighting can be programmed to be any colour, meaning it’s perfect for themed brand activations. This Victorian-themed entertainment is enhanced by the authenticity of the Penny Farthing bicycle.

This walkabout magician is full of fun and is all about creating the best time possible for the audience. Dressed in his signature Victorian-themed clothing, our Dickensian close-up magician will be sure to provide alternative and unusual entertainment that will leave guests wanting more.

Our Victorian-themed entertainment has performed around the world. This walkabout magician is an accomplished performer who will captivate guests and members of the public with his sleight of hand magic.

Our Victorian close-up magician is an exciting walkabout magician that offers a different meet and greet and show options for your event.

This amazing walkabout magician act is the perfect entertainment option to hire for a wide range of events including; Victorian & Dickensian-themed events, corporate events or shopping centre events in Devon and across the UK.

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