Virtual Santa Claus

Christmas 2020 will be a bit different, to say the least, due to COVID-19 guidelines and restrictions. However, this does not mean Christmas is on hold by any means!

We are now able to provide Virtual Santa Claus experiences as a way of delivering the Christmas spirit to our clients, whilst completely adhering to COVID-19 guidelines and restrictions.

All of these Santa Claus Experiences are virtual, as they take place on platforms such as Zoom, Skype and Microsoft Team; they are all online, virtual experiences.

As a result, you do not need to worry about breaking any COVID-19 rules or guidelines.

Our Virtual Santa Claus Experiences Can Include:

  • Personalised Santa Messages
  • Virtual Santa Claus Meet and Greet
  • Santa Claus Message with personalised Gift Bags (sent to your Home or specified address)

Using our studio spaces, we are now able to provide LIVE or bespoke pre-recorded Santa Claus messages and Virtual Santa Claus experiences. These are great for children and families and are a very popular option with our private clients as well as retail clients.

We can make our Virtual Santa Experiences as realistic and personal as possible by organising:

  • Gift Boxes and similar items to be sent to your Home address or specified address. These presents and gift boxes can then be opened LIVE on a Zoom Call (or alternative) whilst talking to our Father Christmas impersonator!
  • We can arrange for Santa to appear with his Elfs and Reindeer

We find this option very popular for our private clients looking for something special to do for their children.

Alternatively, we can provide our Santa Claus performers for socially-distances bespoke VIP doorstep and garden visits to bring Christmas directly to you! All of which adheres to any COVID-19 guidelines and restrictions.

We also provide COVID-safe Santa Visits.

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