Virtual Chocolatier Workshop

Do you have a sweet tooth and want to create some delicious treats? Why not book our Virtual Chocolatier Workshop for your Virtual Christmas Party?

Our Online Chocolatier Workshop is hosted by a professionally trained chef and self-taught chocolatier, where you will learn how to create delicious chocolates. Exploring flavour combinations, learning how to properly temper chocolate and gaining lots of skills and knowledge throughout this Online Chocolatier Workshop.

Furthermore, we are able to theme your Online Chocolate Making Course. Therefore if you’re looking for a festive activity for your Virtual Christmas Party this is a great option.

This Online Chocolate Making Course is great for both corporate and private virtual events. Additionally, you don’t need to have any background knowledge or culinary skills to enjoy this workshop.

Our event management team can also arrange to have ingredients boxes sent out to all attendees. Providing them with all of the things they will need to take part in this brilliant virtual chocolatier workshop.

Our master chocolatier is also able to offer live demonstrations at events across the world as well as well as bespoke commission pieces.

Additionally, if you’d like to book further virtual entertainment options to add to your Virtual Chocolate Making workshop, we have plenty to choose from. From online games┬áto virtual craft workshops, virtual magicians and more. We also offer all kinds of virtual gifting options to send out to your attendees.

Reasons to book our virtual chocolatier workshop:

  • Learn new skills from our Virtual Chocolate Making chocolatier
  • Ingredients boxes available to deliver to attendees prior to the Online Chocolate Making Class
  • Each Online Chocolate Making Course has the ability to be customised and branded
  • Our Online Chocolate Making Class is great for corporate and private clients

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