As the director of Julia Charles Event Management, Julia lives and breathes events.

Leading the way in the events industry, striving for new and innovative event solutions, Julia has been the key figure in creating spectacular and immersive events across the globe.

At JCEM, Julia oversees all elements of the business, from delivering impeccably managed corporate and private events, to managing upcoming talent and sourcing the very best the events industry has to offer.

Her unprecedented industry experience is what gives this brand its pedigree, helping our team turn seemingly impossible proposals into spectacular experiences that clients can’t quite believe are happening in real life.


Panels & Discussions Julia is Attending

Julia will be featured as a guest speaker and attending panel discussions at Saudi Entertainment and Amusement Expo this May.

Julia will speak about her career in the events industry from her initial success winning investment in Dragon’s Den to then stepping out on her own, and, with the support of her brother and business partner Michael, creating her current internationally renowned business.

She will also discuss her work in sustainability and her goals and visions for a more sustainable future within the events industry, including how she won funding to study at Cranfield University to find a solution on how to reduce carbon footprints for businesses.

Working with industry giants to create unforgettable and immersive experiences Julia and her team have delivered seemingly undeliverable events- producing exceptional results.

What can attendees expect from Julia’s panel discussions?

  1. Her experience on Dragon’s Den and how it impacted her business
  2. How to recognise opportunities and pivot strategy to maximise success within the events industry
  3. To look at the importance of sustainability and how the next 20 years will change the events industry
Julia Charles - Director of julia charles event management

Who Is Julia Charles?

Who is Julia Charles-wiginton, Director of Julia Charles Event Management? Read more to find out more of her story and where she is today!

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