Michael is a seasoned creative event director with over a decade of live event experience.

Creating memorable spectacles for product launches, live events, arena shows and permanent installations, plus so much more.

At JCEM, Michael oversees a larger multidisciplinary team to define the story and experience at large, then advises on the event design, AV & technology solutions needed to bring the concept to life.

“Our customers are always looking to push boundaries. Whether at a theme park, Hotel launch, or a conference: Immerse their audience in a spectacular story, and they’ll never forget that experience. They’ll talk about it to friends, family and colleagues, allowing you to get your return on engagement”.

Michael Charles Director

Panels & Discussions Michael’s Attending

Michael will be featured as a guest speaker and attending panel discussions at Saudi Entertainment and Amusement Expo this May.

Michael will share lessons learned through, past and new ventures where event production is bringing ideas to life through technical, digital and physical environments, but also adding the finishing touches to create remarkable moments for your clients and attendees.

Specialists in storytelling no matter your scale or scope, the team utilize their technical know-how to inspire and enthral audiences across the globe.

He will be looking at the key to Immersive Entertainment and Event Experiences and the lasting positive effects a brilliant experience can have on your audience.

What can attendees expect from Michael’s panel discussions?

  1. To look at examples of immersive activations for live and hybrid events and how they benefit global brands
  2. To look at the importance of set design and how to tell stories with the combination of entertainment, light and sound
  3. The future of event production (Metaverse events, Hybrid collaborations such as VR, AR and the creator economy)

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