Blackout Light Theatre Dance Show

Our exciting Black Light Theatre Dance Show is a stunning display that will create a wow-factor for your event.

Using the technology of black light theatre, illusion and special effects, our unique dance troupe perform some truly exciting shows. Our acrobatic LED dancers perform a sensational glow show that is sure to captivate the imagination of your audiences.

Reasons to Book This Artist

  • International acrobatic & technology dance troupe who’ve performed worldwide
  • Electrifying Black Light Theatre Dance Show
  • Combination of LED, acrobatics, dance & technology
  • Lead choreographer graduated from the Boston Conservatory Dance Department
  • The troupe has won several individual awards
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Acrobatic LED Glow Show – Watch it Here!

Watch and prepare to be amazed as our acrobatic Black Light Theatre performs incredible shows before your eyes. These innovative dancers combine dance, illusion and acrobatics with the latest in projection mapping technology. Through using fluorescent costumes and the latest in video technology, our LED performers create a true spectacular that is a guaranteed wow-factor.

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The Black Light Theatre Dancers for hire are unique entertainers who have combined the power of dance with the future of technology.

This innovative acrobatic group will amaze you with their stunning visuals as well as the brilliantly choreographed dance routines. Our LED dance group was formed in 2008 by their American choreographer who purposely seeks out dancers who are willing to venture into a new world of technology and dance.

Our dancers use the technology of Black Light Theatre which incorporates Black Box Theatre. The art of Black Light Theatre uses a completely blacked out stage, UV lighting and fluorescent costumes in order to produce live visual effects and optical illusions.

Their shows include a series of illusions which can often trick the eye and amaze as they push the boundaries of reality. They are also responsible for designing their own brand new technology which ensures that you’ll have never seen anything like this before. Through their fusions of graceful dance, strong acrobatics and inventive projection mapping our dance troupe provides a cutting-edge show that will stun your audiences in a way never seen before.

The dance troupe is based in Rome but is available to book for events in the UK and around the world. Our original dance performers will leave you spellbound with their range of incredible shows. The Revolution Dance Troupe is available to book for a wide range of events including; brand activations, corporate events or award ceremonies in the UK or Italy.

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