Aerial Net Performance

In this aerial act the artiste, caught in the net, floats towards a breathtaking and graceful dance of liberation.

Her first attempts to escape the net appear to be almost timid. The audience watches spell-bound. Then, floating above their heads, the delicate union of net and artist develops into an aesthetic and artful symphony of the senses.

Courage, acrobatics and sensuality combine to create a special note on this performance. The gentle but also absolutely perfect acrobatic elements tell a moving story.

Ingenious, the alternating of heights and depths, create an amazing visual for all guests. The finely graduated changes of acrobatic dance elements and artistic moves are performed at the highest level. Pirouettes swirl the prisoner towards liberation.

She seems to wind out of and round the net with incredible effortlessness and then gets caught up in it again. Dramatic scenes of getting loose merge into an emotional declaration of love for her cocoon. Is she going to leave it? The audience remains unsure right up until the end of the performance.

Then: the spectacular free fall of the artist out of the embrace of the net. Will she ever be really free?

Like the performer, the audience is also caught up in this artistic show. They become a part of the story. They share the emotion and excitement.

High up in the air the artist floats gracefully and effortlessly surprising the audience with jumps to the moon, spectacular flight elements and artistic charisma.

What remains after the event is a languorous feeling of effortlessness. The memory of breathtaking net acrobatics. A successful evening. A perfect event.

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Aerial Net Performance

Take a look at some video footage of this amazing aerial routine performed at all types events. If you are looking for a wow factor act that will entertain and leave a memorable mark on your guests then this is one to consider.

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