Athletic Aerial Performer Duo

With the impressive talent of our acrobats and the daring routines they carry out, our extreme aerial performers will truly put on a mind-blowing show for your audience to remember.

The athletic stunt duo will do the impossible, pushing their bodies to the limit with their challenging performances, keeping yours on the edge of the seat for the duration of the act.

Reasons to Book This Artist

  • Performed over 500 shows worldwide (100+ in 2017 alone) – our stunt duo will not fail to put on a show
  • Our aerial duo are national champions in six different sports and categories.
  • This extreme aerial duo had their own weekly TV show in 2017.
  • Our acrobats have worked with an impressive list of clients, including the likes of Audi and Samsung
  • Suitable for a variety of events – multi-skilled acrobats
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Watch our exciting aerial duo in action!

Watch some of the acts our multi-skilled acrobats perform, and some of the impressive statistics they have behind them, such as 40,000,000 views online, training with professional gymnasts, a world boxing champion, and several Olympians. These thrilling extreme aerial performers will not fail to put on a show for your audience to remember with the vast array of skills they possess, and the sheer extremity of the stunt duo will not fail to keep them on edge.

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Our extreme aerial performers will put on a thrilling show for your guests with the multitude of skills they possess, such as having the ability to breathe fire, juggle, perform stunts and perform gymnastics.

Keeping your audience on the edge of their seats while the acrobats perform extreme stunts, your audience will be blown away by the sheer quality and skill of the extreme aerial duo, and it will be an event they will remember for years to come. If you are looking to create a special event that will truly stand out, this stunt duo is the act for you.

With the impressive list of clients the acrobats have worked with, and achievements they have, our stunt duo will not fail to put on a show. This extreme aerial duo has worked with huge corporations, such as BMW, Audi and Samsung. Our extreme aerial performers are a proven stunt duo that will really blow your audience away.

Due to the extremity of the stunt duo, they even had their own weekly TV show in 2017, proving the acrobats are an act an audience can’t take their eyes off of. The impressive skills and talent of the acrobats come from their background in the field. The stunt duo are national champions in six different sports and categories and the acrobats work and train with World Boxing Champions, Olympians, professional Gymnasts and many more.

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With the wide range of skills these acrobats possess, it gives you the option of a wide range of performance options to choose from, such as a ‘Fire Show’, ‘Aerialist Show’, ‘Juggling Show’, or even a mix of 2-3 types of shows in one, meaning the stunt duo are suitable for a wide range of events.

The acts our acrobats perform are truly exciting, and our stunt duo are masters in their field, giving your audience an act to remember. This aerial duo will really blow your audience away with their sheer talent and extremity of the acrobats act. This is a one-of-a-kind extreme aerial duo.

For more information on our extreme aerial duo, or are just interested in more acts like our aerial duo, do not hesitate to get in contact with our team.

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