Steampunk Human Statue

Our Steampunk human statue lady is playful joyful and humorous. Keeping watches hidden in her costume, she uses them to steal the time!

Beware her golden gas mask, which she uses to shoot kisses. Playful with passers-by in order to gain their gaze. She adores her Victorian mechanical elements, even if they don’t always work!

Our Victorian SteamPunk entertainer has been used at an array of event types some of the most recent include, Fringe festivals, corporate events, weddings and private parties.

Our Living statue entertainers can be hired to perform in London and all over the UK, and further if required, It is also possible to hire multiple performers if you want to make more of an impact.

As always our performers and entertainers come with the highest quality of the costume and are all professional and experienced within their art form.

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