The Diamond Adagio Acrobats

The incredible Diamond Adagio Acrobatics for hire are a stunning duo of acrobatic circus performers who perform dynamically choreographed shows.

Our acrobatic adagio performers combine strength, ballet, gymnastics and balance to create some truly stunning showcases.

Reasons to Book This Artist

  • Collaborated with Cirque du Soleil, Teatro dell’ Opera & Teatro Sistina
  • Based in Italy & perform around the world
  • High energy & engaging acrobatic shows
  • Numerous TV & movie appearances including Zoolander 2 & Italia’s Got Talent
  • Suitable for all occasions & events
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Acrobatic Adagio Performers – Watch it Here!

Watch as our talented acrobatic adagio duo performs their acrobalance show in perfect sync. Our acrobatic circus performers demonstrate incredible strength, beautiful dance and poised balance in their circus show. The adagio acrobats are a talented duo who will amaze and captivate your audiences with their energetic acrobalance show.

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Our adagio acrobats are a duo of incredibly talented circus performers who will provide a spectacular acrobatic showcase at your next event.

These talented adagio acrobats incorporate acro dance into their acrobalance show which creates a stunning display of strength and creativity.

The adagio acrobat duo is based in Rome but can and has performed at a variety of events across the world. Our acrobatic performers have worked with and help choreograph shows for Cirque du Soleil, Teatro dell’ Opera and Teatro Sistina. These talented acrobatic circus performers also worked on the Zoolander 2 film, performing acrobatic stunts for Will Ferrel’s character.

The choreographed acrobatic show performed by our adagio acrobatic duo combines contortion, gymnastics, ballet, acro dance, balance and acrobatics. Adagio is the practice of partner acrobatics; with one person acting as the base, and always maintaining contact with the ground, and the other being the flier who balances in the air and on their partner.

The acrobatic adagio duo can perform a variety of different poses and balances whilst standing, crouching, lying down or kneeling. The base of our duo helps to perfectly balance the flier on his shoulders, legs, back, thighs and more. Our acrobatic adagio duo works perfectly together to create graceful and elegant poses that instantly captivate the audience.

Having performed at events, in theatre productions and TV & film, our acrobatic adagio performers have a wealth of experience to bring to your event. Our circus acrobats are a hugely talented duo will provide exciting and enthralling entertainment for your event. The Diamond Adagio Acrobats are the perfect entertainment option to hire for corporate events, award ceremonies or gala dinners in the UK and Italy.

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