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Giant Ipad offers a wide range of multi-touch games which features the best games found on places such as the app store and android market.

Our multi-touch Ipad is considered the best in technology and the most fun over all of its competitors. Jigsaw has already become our most popular choice due to its personal edge – you send us your picture/s, we then digitally slice them into jigsaws pieces and scatter them across the 46” digital table top – you can then challenge your guests, visitors or delegates to reassemble the jigsaw as quickly as they can – as simple as it seems it has beaten many of its competitors and offers a great reinforcement.

The list of games is huge and is only growing including some old favourites and a whole range of games that can be played by multiple players at once. Most of which can feature your message, branding or logo across the playing field in high definition colour.

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