Ice Skating Acrobatic Show

This Ice Skating Acrobatic show creates a unique entertainment option by combining 2 amazing sets of skills; ice skating and acrobatics.

This act is perfect for ice-themed and Winter Wonderland-themed events. The Choreography and performance throughout are mesmerising and captivating and it is sure to leave the audiences amazed.

A perfect mix of circus-style acrobatics and Olympic-standard ice skating leaves nothing to the imagination. The show consists of ice skating, acrobats, contortion, plate spinning and skating on stilts.

The Ice Circus not only impresses with the performance but also blends colours and visual bliss together to bring a truly memorable experience for all to enjoy.

Our incredible performers have performed all over the world, bringing their stunning show to thousands of people. This thrilling show is the perfect entertainment option to hire for an array of events including gala dinners, corporate events, bespoke events and much more.



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