With years of experience creating a huge range of amazing themed events, our goal is always to create a completely immersive and unforgettable event space using our winter wonderland theming services.

Book A Bespoke Service:

As an event management company and entertainment agency, we provide a fully bespoke service for each event. Enabling our clients to pick and choose from our services, to achieve their desired outcome.

Below you can see a list of just a few of the winter wonderland theme services we offer:

  • Venue Theming
  • Venue Styling
  • Event Management & Production
  • Event Entertainment
  • Venue Finding
  • Staging, Lighting and AV
  • Catering Services

By offering a completely bespoke service our clients can just book us for winter wonderland theming, or alternatively, they can book us to manage and oversee your entire Christmas event or party!


How we create a winter wonderland theme event

Big, Bold and Beautiful. Our Winter Wonderland Theme is guaranteed to create an impressive impact!

When organising an event, it’s integral to set the scene. As an event management company, we aim to make your guests feel like they’ve just walked into Narnia, or stumbled across a Magical Ice Kingdom with our Winter Wonderland decoration service.

By incorporating our unique winter wonderland theme lighting setup, we can create the illusion of snow covering your venue. Choosing from cool blues, purples, and whites as the colour pallet to set the Winter Wonderland Theme.

Additionally, choose from Snow-covered Trees, Bespoke Ice Bars, Draping, Creative Furniture Solutions, Winter Wonderland Themed Table Centrepieces, Props and more Winter Wonderland decoration options. Not only will this create the perfect setting, but clients will think it’s the coolest event they’ve ever been to.

Because our Winter Wonderland Theme service is bespoke, we always work with our clients in mind. Therefore we can tailor-make the right party themes and Winter Wonderland decoration styling to suit your Christmas Celebration.

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Book A Winter Wonderland Themed Party or Event

Winter Wonderland Theming can be successfully applied to all kinds of events and parties due to its versatility.

New and existing clients often approach us for our Winter Wonderland Theme services for their Corporate Christmas Parties, Corporate Events, Gala Dinners, End of Year Parties and Weddings.

Additionally, our winter wonderland theming also often gets booked for late Christmas parties where our client doesn’t want traditional Christmas decor.

Our Winter Wonderland theming also works very well for lots of events in and around the festive season, especially for our clients who are looking for a more subtle and understated nod to all things Christmas.

As a result, our Winter Wonderland theme is especially popular for an elegant take on the Festive season.

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Entertainment To Match Your Winter Wonderland Theme!

So your venue’s been transformed, the snow has been sprinkled and the stage is set. Now to add the finishing touches: Entertainment!

Performers bring your Winter Wonderland Themed Party or Event to life and there are so many options to choose from. Our entertainers create memorable experiences making them a great way of getting your guests really involved and engaged.

From Winter Wonderland Stilt Walkers to full-on Winter Wonderland Circus Shows, we have the perfect Winter Wonderland Themed Entertainment to match your Winter Wonderland theme.

We can also provide some unique Catering options to match your Winter Wonderland Theme to make sure everything matches!

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Additional Winter Wonderland Party Services

If you’re considering booking full-service winter wonderland theming then there are multiple additional service options you may want to consider.

Depending on the type of event you’re running there may be multiple other event services you’d like to book on top of your winter wonderland theming. This could include:

If you’d like to find out more about how we can build a full-service winter wonderland themed event get in touch with our event managers.

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Winter Wonderland Theme Event FAQs

Below we’ve answered just a few of our most frequently asked questions from clients booking winter wonderland theming for their event.

What is a Winter Wonderland Theme?

A Winter Wonderland theme encapsulates all the magic and wonder of Christmas in a sophisticated and classic style. Often featuring Snowy winter wonderland decorations and props, including glistening icicles, snow-covered surfaces,  draping in cool hues and lots of warm twinkling lights to create that magical feel.

How do you decorate a Winter Wonderland?

Each of the winter wonderlands we’ve created are bespoke to each client, therefore creating a personal and unique event space.

However, when decorating for a winter wonderland themed party or event, we suggest considering the following things: Firstly have you got a specific winter wonderland style you want to recreate?

Do you want to incorporate snowman and snow creature props or would you rather include glistening snow-covered Christmas trees and icicles? You’ll also want to consider what kind of snow covering you want and whether you have a snow machine for guests as they enter your venue. 

The key to decorating your winter wonderland event space is to make it feel magical and immersive, therefore you’ll want to include lots of Winter Wonderland decoration props.

What Colours are good for Winter Wonderland Events?

We recommend lots of shades of cool blue, silver and white. You’ll also want to think about what time of day your winter wonderland event is taking place and theme your colours around this. You can get inspired by the northern lights and snowy sunsets if you want to add some different tones and colours to your winter wonderland themed event.

What kind of events work well with a Winter Wonderland theme?

One of the reasons we love our winter wonderland theme is because it works so well for so many different kinds of events. We most often book our winter wonderland theming for end of year parties, corporate events, gala dinners, proms and leavers balls, alternative Christmas parties and luxury private events.

However, the winter wonderland theme also works so well for commercial events and installations as well as private luxury decoration hire.

Why book a professional to create your Winter Wonderland themed event?

There are so many benefits to booking an event theming specialists, such as us, to decorate your venue space for your winter wonderland event or party. Firstly, we will work with you to come up with a bespoke theme for your party, focusing on any highlighted focal points or including any specially requested items. Additionally, we can create or source pretty much any winter wonderland decoration or prop. 

Furthermore, by booking a professional event management company you will ensure that the venue is decorated to the highest standard and you’ll not have to worry about doing any of the hard-working or de-installing the venue once the event is over.


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