The Spinning Sensations

Prepare to be astounded by the amazing Spinning Sensations for hire.

This acrobatic duo has stunned audiences in Holland and the rest of the world with their astonishing acrobatic and aerial techniques and shows. Our acrobats work in perfect unison to perform stunning displays that will mesmerise everyone at your next event.

Reasons to Book These Artists

  •  11x World Champion, 12x German Champions & 27x Dutch Champions
  •  Previous clients include; Samsung, Coca Cola & Kia
  •  Came 2nd place on Holland’s Got Talent
  •  Has performed in Japan, India, China & more
  •  Have performed at over 1000 events in over 22 countries
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Cyr Wheel & Aerial Silk Acrobats – Watch it Here!

Take a look at our dazzling Cyr wheel acrobats as they perform a series of astounding techniques and routines. Our talented aerial acrobats have a multitude of skills which you can view in this video. From hand to hand to tumbling, from German wheel to aerial silks, our acrobats can do it all. This video will be sure to mesmerise you with their talents.

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Our German wheel acrobats for hire are talented circus entertainers who will mesmerise you with their stunning displays.

These Cyr wheel acrobats are based in Holland where they have taken part and come second in Holland’s Got Talent. These accomplished German wheel acrobats have a variety of shows available to hire for events across the world. From brand activations to gala dinners and more, our German wheel acrobats and aerial performers can perform at them all.

These talented circus entertainers can perform a range of different shows which include; Cyr wheel, German wheel, aerial silks, aerial hoop, aerial straps, acrobalance and even a pool show. All of the circus shows our German wheel acrobats have created, can be performed either as a solo or as a duo show. Our Cyr wheel acrobats are highly skilled and highly accomplished circus entertainers that will be sure to create an exciting time for all of your guests.

Our Cyr wheel acrobats have performed for many years as solo circus entertainers before coming together at the World Championships to form as this successful acrobatic duo. Since becoming the duo our Cyr wheel acrobats have become 11x World Champions, 12x German Champions and 27x Dutch Champions. Having won so many titles, our German wheel acrobats and aerial performers are a successful duo who will create a wonderful time for all.

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Holland-based Cyr wheel show available to hire for award ceremonies internationally.

Our circus entertainers are incredibly graceful and versatile. You will be amazed at the different techniques our circus entertainers display as they perform with the Cyr wheel and German wheel. These accomplished German wheel acrobats will effortlessly go into the splits position whilst they rotate in the Cyr and German wheels. Our Cyr wheel acrobats work in perfect synchronicity to perform a breath-taking display.

These accomplished Cyr wheel acrobats also perform as an acrobatic aerial duo. Our aerial performers use aerial silks, aerial straps and aerial hoops to deliver a stunning display. These aerial performers display thrilling shows whilst being suspended from their various aerial props. Our aerial performers are a true sight to behold. These talented aerial performers will be sure to create a thrilling time for all. The breathtaking displays demonstrated by our aerial performers will be sure to leave guests completely captivated.

These German wheel acrobats and aerial performers also perform the art of acrobalance. This circus technique requires paramount trust between the 2 circus entertainers which is exhibited by our acrobalance duo. Our acrobalance performers and aerial performers use each other to balance and pose on, making for a truly stunning show. Our circus entertainers are truly versatile and will adapt their show for your event. These circus entertainers have been performing for many years so have the perfect experience to bring to your event.

Our German wheel acrobats and aerial performers are the perfect circus entertainers to hire for a wide range of events including; corporate events, brand activations or award ceremonies in the UK & Holland. If you would like to book our German wheel acrobats, simply get in contact today.

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