Bronze Lady Living Statue

This unique and very believable living statue will be a fantastic addition to your event and is the perfect walkabout act to entertain and engage your guests.

This human statue is perfect for making your guests feel welcome at your event.

Reasons to Book This Artist

  • An entertaining walkabout act that will attract interest at your event
  • This living statue is a perfect way of making your guests feel comfortable at your event
  • Leading walkabout statue – she has visited over 15 countries in the world to provide her walkabout act
  • This living statue has extensive experience in entertainment for children
  • Walkabout entertainment is a fantastic way of engaging and interacting with an audience
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This unique and visually stunning human statue will be a valuable addition to a variety of events with the high quality of the act – the body paint, make-up and outfits the walkabout statue uses is very high quality, giving an impressive, realistic human statue that will make your guests look twice.

Walkabout entertainment is the perfect ice-breaker for events and is essential to creating a friendly, welcoming environment for your guests to enjoy. The walkabout statue also brings a more interactive experience to your event.

This living statue is the perfect walkabout act to create this environment, with her years of experience in the walkabout entertainment industry. Our human statue has travelled to over fifteen countries just to provide her stunning walkabout statue act, proving the quality of her walkabout act.

Our walkabout entertainment also offers a range of performance options, meaning our human statue is suitable for a wide range of events.

For more information on this living statue, or for more act in the walkabout entertainment industry, do not hesitate to get in contact with our team – we are here to help!

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