The Astounding Acrobalance Duo

The Astounding Acrobalance Duo for hire is a pair of Russian acrobats who will amaze you with their stunning and daring routines.

Acrobalance is the combination of hand-balancing and Adagio; which is the practice of partner lifts. Our duo has won Russia’s Got Talent and has gone on to become Guinness World Record Breakers.

Why Book The Astounding Acrobalance Duo?

  • Previous clients include; Gazprom, Lexus & BMW
  • Winners of Russia’s Got Talent
  • Appeared on Got Talent World Stage Live in Mumbai
  • Mesmerising show of balance & acrobatics
  • Based in Russia & available to book for international events
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Watch The Astounding Acrobalance Duo In Action!

Take a look at our amazing acrobalance duo. Our Russian Adagio acrobats have trained for many years to be at the top of their game. Our acrobalance duo work in perfect synchronisation to perform some truly mind-blowing routines and poses. These circus acrobats will be sure to captivate everyone at your next event.

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Our acrobalance duo for hire is a talented pair of circus entertainers who have spent many years perfecting their craft. This acrobatic duo is based in Russia and performs at events around the world.

Our talented acrobalance duo won the coveted international competition; Russia’s Got Talent. Since winning the show our circus entertainers have gone on to become Guinness World Record holders. Our Acrobat entertainment is an exciting circus option that will create a captivating time for all.

These accomplished circus entertainers practise Adagio acrobatics which is the method of partner acrobalance. Our acrobalance performers display a series of spine-tingling poses and moves. Our Acrobat entertainment achieves this by balancing on each other.

As demonstrated in the video one acrobat acts as the base and the other as the flier. The base has to keep constant contact with the floor as he allows his partner to balance in different poses atop of him. Our acrobalance acrobats interchange the roles and perform some truly breathtaking poses as they go. Your guests will be thrilled at the astonishing balances and poses our circus entertainers create.

These acrobatic circus entertainers have a performed at numerous corporate events. Some of their clients include; Gazprom, BMW and Lexus. This incredible acrobalance show will be sure to captivate all your guests at your next event. Our acrobalance circus entertainers exhibit incredible strength and poise that helps to create an electrifying atmosphere for the audience.

These acrobalance circus entertainers are incredibly popular and are perfect to hire for a wide variety of events. Our acrobats can be the centrepiece and main show of any event and are especially great for corporate events such as award ceremonies and gala dinners. These circus entertainers will be sure to create a buzz at your next event.

Our acrobalance duo is the perfect circus entertainers to hire for a wide range of events including; product launches, corporate events or gala dinners in Russia, the UK and across the world. If you would like to book these circus entertainers, simply get in contact today.

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