Sand Artist

Our sand sculpture uses sand accompanied by beautiful music to illustrate a story, this artistic performer will dazzle your guests.

Our sand artist trained from 1994 to acquire his artistic abilities, this art entertainment is originally from Greece and move to Italy to start a new story.

The need to transmit emotions is the characteristic that every artist has in common and as a Sand Story Agency, we have brought you a talented artistic performer. Our sand sculpture is a pioneer of the pantomime genre show and won the prestigious Top Channel, Talent Show.

Reasons to Book This Artist

  • TV Show Experience
  • Showman
  • Unique Artist
  • Previous clients such as Porsche, Marriot Hotels and Intersport
  • Experienced Artist
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Watch our Sand Artist live here!!

This artistic performer shows off his impressive skills within this video, watch as our sand sculpture makes elaborate art paintings from sand.

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This sand artist has accumulated some fantastic experiences and the skills acquired are only what’s in his baggage, our art entertainment presented “Save The World”, one man show; on the stage only him, water and sand. It was met with great success.

He never tires of making new experiences and has undoubtedly arrived to be a mature artist and expresses all his poetry in his suggestive and ephemeral shows using sand, with a handful of sand, silent poems come out, accompanied by the notes of suggestive and engaging music.

Our artistic performer transports us into fantastic worlds that are born, evolve and turn into the time of a song. This sand sculpture experience is long and multifaceted, perfect for any event.

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