Sway Pole Gangsta Show

Book our incredible Sway Pole Gangsta Groove Show, as our pole climbing acrobat reaches new heights!

Price From: £1,450 + VAT

REASONS TO BOOK OUR Sway pole gangsta show:

  • Unique pole climbing acrobat performance
  • Sway pole act combines acrobatics with comedy
  • Can be partnered with other acrobatic and aerialist performers
  • Pole sway show can be themed to suit any event
  • Perfect for public events and private parties

Ever wondered what Fred Astaire might look like as a pole climbing acrobat? Well, look no further, as our impressive sway pole act combines the two in a suave and sophisticated show!

Prepare to be astounded, as our sway pole act defies gravity and logic as a grooving gangsta, performing dance moves and acrobatic stunts – all while attached to a swaying pole through body contact alone.

Our sway pole entertainment hire usually performs short shows, ideal to combine with other circus entertainment to create a longer performance.

If you are looking to host a 1920s themed event, take a look at our 1920s themed entertainment, such as our Gatsby Girls and Aerial Speakeasy Act to compliment your Sway Pole Show.

Compared to his other shows, this pole sway show uses a smaller pole for easy set-up and take-down – making it the perfect pop-up entertainment at family fun day events, public events and corporate shows.

Furthermore, our acrobat can be paired with other sway pole entertainment hire and acrobalance performers, creating a full entertainment package.

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His routines captivate one not just with his show of skill and strength, but even more with the grace, lightness and ease with which he performs. As he juggles a “Devil Stick” with two little hand sticks, as he nimbly scales a bare pole to the tent roof, he a true virtuoso: seemingly without the slightest effort and despite gravity. He is the top act of a truly world-class program.

The Osnabrück Newspaper –

Lucky were those who didn’t miss the next attraction: the cheeky New Yorker - charmingly mischievous and irresistibly funny - his side-splitting gags on the market square always came to a sudden stop when his private telephone, perched high on top of his acrobatic pole, started ringing. Simply marvellous, how this sinewy American cheerfully chattered his way up the steep path to the phone. The audience laughed and joined in whole-heartedly. A glorious entertainer!

The Aachen Newspaper –

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