Acrobatic Dancers

Our acrobatic dancers create original performances to capture and engage an audience, ensuring their costumes fit within any theme.

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  •  Performed Internationally
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  •  High Octane Performances
  •  Previous clients such as ITV, Ferrari, LinkedIn and FashionTV
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Watch our Acrobatic Dancers right here!

Our experimental performers showcase their dance abilities within this video, this bespoke entertainment will captivate any audience member.

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Our acrobatic dancers started out in life with an undeniable passion for the arts, theatre, production and design. What brings them together is their unflinching belief that dance, artistry and illusion make what they do emotive, memorable and authentic.

This bespoke entertainment has a mission to broaden audiences watching contemporary dance, that mission has become a lifelong commitment to entertain an eclectic range of audiences. The exclusivity of theatre and particularly contemporary dance is a barrier that needed to broken, each day this immersive stage show works their way further through it and hopefully inspire others to do the same. They embody that dynamic….always.

These acrobatic dancers go above and beyond what is asked of them in producing this bespoke immersive and stage performance. They consistently checked to ensure that the Clients’ vision is maintained in what is being created but also ensure that there are no sacrifices made to the impact of the show.

Our bespoke entertainment has worked with an extensive list of previous clients such as Tui, Channel4, Yo Sushi, Glastonbury, Wells and Fargo, Budlight and many more.

If you like the sound of our immersive stage show, then simply get in touch with us.

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