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  • Duration: 20 – 30 minutes
  • Available in the UK and Worldwide
  • Over 15 years of experience
  • Uses 25 – 500 drones
  • Produced Drone Light Show for Riyadh Season
  • Completely bespoke Drone Displays are available
  • Partner with other entertainment
  • Hire Drone Show for Corporate Events

With our attention-grabbing International and UK Drone Shows, your guests will be looking to the skies in awe and amazement!

Creating Bespoke Shows and Productions using our Drone Displays, your events will be transformed with an array of light and colour.

Each of our International and UK Drone Shows includes between 25 – 500 drones, making them suitable for Fan Zone Events, Opening Show Events, Half-Time Shows and other Corporate Events.

All of our International and UK Drone Shows include customisable options, allowing you to change the colour and drone display arrangement for your event. Our intelligent high-tech Drone Light Show creates breathtaking images in the sky – previous designs include dragons and lightning bolts.

Moreover, our Drone Displays are considered a more environmentally friendly alternative to fireworks. Our Drone Light Show runs on regenerative electricity and produces neither fine dust pollution nor noise pollution, making them suitable for Sustainable Events. All of our International and UK Drone Shows are EU-certified and software-controlled to offer the best Drone Displays possible.

Price From: £12,900 + VAT

Read our Drone Displays FAQ section below to find out more.

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Frequently asked questions about our drone displays

Take a look at our Q&A below to find out more.

How many drones are used?

We have between 25 – 500 drones at your disposal available to use for your Drone Light Show. The number of drones used will depend on factors such as the size of the display you would like.

Can my Drone Light Show include full Event Production?

Hire Drone Show that includes Full Event Production Services, every single aspect of your event and Drone Displays will be taken care of! From start to finish, we will oversee the creation of your Drone Show from the moment the drones take to the skies until they land.

Are Drone Displays suitable for my event?

Our International and UK Drone Shows have been used at a wide variety of events including a huge number of Themed Events, some suitable themes for Drone Displays include:

Furthermore, our Drone Displays are also suitable for Brand Activations and Product Launches – our Drones can create custom logo displays in the sky to help advertise your brand.

How much does a Drone Display cost?

The starting price for our Drone Light Show is £12,900 – this price may increase depending on other factors that will impact your event.

Can I see what my show will look like before the event?

Of course you can! Using our Event Technology Services, your Drone Displays will first be created in a 3D animation system, allowing you to view the show before your event and make any changes if necessary.

Can you still perform in bad weather conditions?

Our International and UK Drone Shows can withstand up to 45 km/h winds and light to medium rain showers, ensuring that your display won’t be interrupted.

Book a Drone Light Show for Fan Zone events

Light up the sky at your Fan Zone Event with our range of Drone Displays!

Looking to bring some pre-match excitement to your event?

Our International and UK Drone Shows are a great way to bring fans together at your event by creating a custom show that’s designed just for them.

Hire Drone Show for your next Fan Zone Event and we can also supply a fantastic array of supporting entertainment for your event including Technology EntertainmentAerial Displays, Event Dancers and more.

Choose whether you would like your Drone Light Show to appear above the crowds as they’re seated in the stadium or welcome them to your event with a special Drone Show opening ceremony.

If you have an event in mind that you would like to book a custom Drone Display for, please get in touch with us today to discuss your event.


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