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In Need of an Entertainment Agency for Contortionists?

These breathtaking contortionists will be sure to perform the most extreme and amazing act. These acts will provide a graceful and unusual addition to any event that will leave your guests stunned.

We supply a wide range of contortionists for hire for events who are established performers for both circus and roadshows. Our range of contortionists and acrobats are a weird and wonderful entertainment option that will be sure to mesmerise you and your guests.

Contortionists have always been a popular form of entertainment and a huge part of the circus. We have a range of performers who have many years of experience of entertaining crowds and audiences of all ages and sizes.

The Ring 4

Exciting Contorted Magic Show for Hire

If you are looking for a traditional circus, then why not hire our Contorted Magic Show?

This amazing duo act features a highly-talented contortionist who can twist and wind her body to whilst performing stunning circus and magic tricks.

If you are planning a themed event, then we have just the performer for you. Our 1920’s-themed contortionist performs her incredible show whilst dressed in beautifully designed and crafted costumes that add an extra sparkle to her performance.

Our themed contortionist will provide a unique entertainment feature and a talking point for your event. This talented contortionist will fit in perfectly amongst your 1920’s-themed event.

The Best in Contortion Entertainment

We have an incredible group of performers called the Harlequin Acrobats who are the perfect act if you are looking for some unusual and unconventional entertainment.

This weird and wonderful set of performers will leave you in awe as they contort, writhe and twist around one another. This spooky set of acrobats is the perfect act to hire for Halloween-themed events and parties.

Our Harlequin Acrobats perform in hand-painted catsuits which have been purposely weathered to create a scary effect.

Our range of-of contortionists and acrobats are the perfect entertainment option to hire for a wide array of events including; Halloween-themed events, corporate events, gala dinners, bespoke events and much more.

Globe Of Curiosity Circus Show 3

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