Ethereal Bird Aerialists

The Ethereal Birds for hire are a collection of aerialists who perform a series of beautifully choreographed displays and stunts. Our talented aerial performers will take your breath away with their thrilling performances.

This show is one for the adrenaline junkies who love to witness bold but graceful shows. Our multi-talented aerialists will be suspended in the air whilst twirling and performing elegant acrobatic moves. These aerialists always serve as an eye-catching and wow-factor show as they have the ability to captivate whole audiences with their range of talents.

Our aerial performers have a wealth of experience in performing difficult routines on silks and a handful of other props. You and your guests will be truly amazed by the stunts and sequences that are displayed in these shows. The Ethereal Bird Aerialists are the perfect entertainment option to hire for a range of events including; gala dinners, award ceremonies, corporate events and much more.

Why Book Our Ethereal Bird Aerialists?

  • Our Ethereal Bird Aerialists perform beautifully choreographed displays and stunts
  • These performers are a fantastic option for Christmas and Winter Wonderland Themed events
  • Bold & Graceful Show that will blow your audience away
  • An eye-catching, unique show that will grab the attention of your guests
  • Our aerialists perform a variety of skills and shows
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