The Diamond Aerial Acrobats

Our Diamond Aerial Acrobats are a graceful duo who will amaze you with their stunning aerial silk show. With their cirque-style, our performers use an array of skills including strength, balance and contortionism to create their cirque-style show which is sure to leave guests amazed.

Perfect for Winter Wonderland Themed Events and other Christmas events.

Why book The Diamond Aerial Acrobats?

  • Versatile aerialists who can perform with aerial silks, aerial rope & trapeze
  • Amazing contortionist abilities whilst being suspended
  • Based in Rome & can perform at events worldwide
  • Have worked with Cirque du Soleil
  • Elegant & powerful acrobatic aerial shows
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Watch The Diamond Aerial Acrobats in action!

Watch as our talented aerialists perform a series of cirque-style routines which are perfectly choreographed.

Our stunning aerial acrobat’s balance, contort, twirl and elegantly move through the air whilst being suspended from aerial silks, aerial ropes or aerial trapeze.

Guests will be left in awe at this incredible aerial acrobatics display.

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Read more about The Diamond Aerial Acrobats

The Diamond Aerial Acrobats for hire are a talented duo of cirque-style artists who perform incredible routines before your eyes.

Our versatile aerial acrobat performers can perform on aerial silks, aerial trapeze and aerial rope. Our aerial circus performers combine contortion will acrobatics and gymnastics to create their stunning acrobatic display.

Our cirque-style performers are based in Rome and can perform at a variety of events across the world. They have made countless movie and TV appearances including Italia’s Got Talent and Zoolander 2. Our acrobatic aerial performers have also appeared in a wide range of theatrical shows.

Our hand to hand balance performers work in perfect unison to deliver well-choreographed shows are sure to captivate any audience. Our cirque-style aerial silk performers will amaze you as they do the splits whilst being suspended in the air.

These accomplished aerial circus performers are an amazing duo of aerialists who have been performing for many years, at all events ranging from corporate gala dinners to private parties to TV appearances and more.

Our cirque-style aerial silk acrobats are a stunning entertainment option that will create an abundance of excitement and amazement for your guests. The acrobatic display performed by our aerial circus entertainers is incredibly beautiful and awe-inspiring.

Our aerialist silk performers are available to book for a wide range of events around world including; award ceremonies, gala dinners or corporate events.

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