The Clockwork Men

The Clockwork Men for hire are a duo of walkabout clocks who will entertain the guests or crowds at your next event.

The Clockwork Men are some of the most brightly coloured walkabouts you will ever see and have seriously amusing faces made from the clock hands. Our Clockwork Men are versatile and so can perform all over London and the UK.

Our Clockwork Men wear eye-catching costumes that will be sure to captivate everyone at your event. One of our Clockwork Men is dressed in a bright yellow suit and his counterpart is dressed in a bright orange one.

Our brightly coloured duo will create an abundance of fun for you and your guests at your next event.

The Clockwork Men are a fun-filled act that can be hired as part of the Alice in Wonderland universe. These wacky characters fit in perfectly with the theme and will spread all the fun of Wonderland amongst your event.

These characters can be hired as both walkabouts and meet and greet entertainment. The Clockwork Men are the perfect entertainment option to hire for a wide range of events including; Alice in Wonderland-themed events, corporate events or shopping centre events in London and across the UK.

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