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Looking to book Alice In Wonderland Themed Entertainment?

We have a vast array of exciting and authentic Alice in Wonderland-themed entertainment that will transport you straight to Wonderland.

We have everything from Mad Hatter walkabout entertainment to the Queen of Hearts walkabout entertainment. All of our themed entertainment is available to book for themed events in across the UK and in London.

The Alice in Wonderland book and films are some of the most iconic and popular in history. The characters from these well-loved books and films have become firm family favourites.

The Alice in Wonderland theme itself is incredibly popular for both event production and entertainment. Our entertainment can be hired in London and across the UK for both private and corporate events. Our Alice Walkabout act is almost identical to Mia Wasikowska who played Alice in the 2010 and 2016 films.

Our talented Alice performer wears the classic blue dress and has all the wonder and adventure of the character. This accomplished character actor will make you want to follow her down the Rabbit hole to explore the magic of Wonderland.


Undoubtedly one of the funniest, loveliest and all-round great characters is the Mad Hatter.

Portrayed by Johnny Depp in the recent Tim Burton films, the Mad Hatter has always been one of the most popular characters in the story.

Our Mad Hatter lookalike is just as wacky and wonderful as the Johnny Depp version and will be sure to captivate the children.

Another character in our crazy collection is the ever scary and wildly intimidating Queen of Hearts. Our talented performer helps bring to life this mean character in stunning form through her luxurious gown, big red hairdo and pale face.

Our Alice in Wonderland-themed walkabout act will be sure to create a terrifying but fun time for all.

From bad to good, we have the sister of Queen of Hearts – The White Queen. Our White Queen is full of elegance and grace and is known to enchant everyone she meets with her kindness and stunning beauty.

All our talented Alice in Wonderland-themed walkabout acts are available to hire for children’s events in London and across the UK.

Our wide-ranging collection of Alice in Wonderland-themed entertainment is available to hire for a vast range of events including; Alice in Wonderland-themed events, movie-themed events or children’s events in London and the UK.


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