Ballet Aerial Duo

Our aerial duo has performed worldwide in beautifully made costumes, combining both ballet and acrobatic skills to create unique and exciting ballet trapeze act like never seen before!

The Aerial performers and circus skilled entertainers have won many international ballet & circus festivals.

Reasons to Book This Artist

  •     Beautiful costumes
  •     Circus skilled entertainers have performed worldwide
  •     A mix of Ballet and Acrobat
  •     Aerial performers with over 15 years of experience
  •     Won many international Ballet & Circus festivals
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Circus performers in action

Watch as our circus performers and trapeze act combine ballet with acrobats creating a unique and exciting show for their audiences. The Ballet aerial duo performs in unison without flaw making them the perfect circus entertainment for your event.

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Unique and exciting entertainment like our ballet aerial duo and ballet trapeze act, is crucial to making an event special and memorable. What could be better than an act that combines ballet and Acrobat to create an amazing show like never seen before?

Our Aerial performers’ agency will provide your event with the Ballet trapeze act for hire, this act is highly original and unique as not only do they show off their acrobatic skills but they also show off the trapeze duo’s ballet dancing skills.

The trapeze duo has over 15 years’ worth of experience, performing in many different locations and events of all types. Performing worldwide the ballet aerial duo has become highly experienced and skilled in both Ballet dancing and aerial/ acrobat performances.

Travelling internationally has allowed our Circus skilled entertainers to enter large scale competitions and the trapeze duo are known winners of many international Ballet and Circus festivals, emphasising that the ballet trapeze act is unique, exciting and popular.

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Ballet aerial duo available to hire for corporate events in London and UK

As an aerial performers agency, we ensure that the trapeze duo is dressed in beautifully made costumes that add to the wow factor! Your guests will be in awe as they watch the ballet aerial duo perform in unison with customised costumes.

The Circus skilled entertainers and ballet trapeze act will create bespoke and unique shows that your guests will not have seen before, what more could you ask for? The Audience will be blown away by the ballet aerial duo as they dance and perform circus skills of high quality.

Our ballet trapeze act given to you by our aerial performers’ agency is perfect for all events whether that is a gala dinner, award ceremony, themed event, corporate event or even a family fun day. There is nothing too little and too big for our trapeze duo.

The trapeze duo and our aerial performers’ agency are available to hire for all events big or small across London and the UK. Prepare to wow your guests with our fantastic Ballet aerial duo!

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