Hashtag Wall

Our Hashtag wall is simple for you to use, once you have ordered your personal wall, a unique URL will be sent to you where you will be able to see all the images or tweets with that hashtag.

Once the URL has been opened, project it on to the big screen for everyone to see, as soon as an image has been posted on to the hashtag from Instagram it will be instantly projected for all.

The images will remain on Instagram as a regular image, but more interestingly we are able to give you a link to download all of the images at once. The images that are projected on to the screen will be real time meaning that the slide show will keep changing and then when a new image is posted it will come up on to the screen.

Let your guests make their own memories for you to save for a later day, your guests will have great fun making the memories and you will have great fun reliving them.

We will also provide a unique board of your choice in order for your guests to remember the unique hashtag.

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