Spoof Waiter Service

The Spoof Waiter Service is a great comedy act for a stage show, available to book for weddings and corporate events across London and the UK.

This comedy waiter will keep your guests fed, watered, entertained and laughing for the entire evening at your event.

Reasons to Book This Comedy Act

  • Award-winning comedy act with years of experience
  • Performed at high profile corporate events – BBC Children in Need, Exeter RFC dinner etc.
  • Performed internationally – Royal Caribbean Cruises and Marrakech Royal Palm Hotel etc.
  • No language barrier with guests as stage show act is magic and illusion based
  • Tailors stage show to the finest detail to suit the precise needs of the client
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Spoof Waiter Service – Watch him here

This talented comedy waiter provides a stage show that will have all your guests in stitches for sure. The Spoof Waiter service is available to hire as a comedy act for corporate events across London and the UK.

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The Spoof Waiter Service is an original and ingenious comedy act that will give guests an abundance of entertainment at your wedding or corporate event in London and the UK.

This comedy act performs a stage show that provides your party with laughter and amazement, as the hilarious comedy waiter performs an array of impressive magic tricks and illusions. The Spoof Waiter Service is available to book for various events and can guarantee your guests a stage show they’ll remember for years to come.

Having travelled the globe performing at numerous high profile venues, this comedy waiter is a master of his trade. This unique act can literally perform his stage show to any audience, as language is not a barrier to enjoying the Spoof Waiter Service’s show.

Speaking the universal language of laughter, any guest from any corner of the world can be truly entertained by the slapstick humour this comedy waiter provides.

As well as being outrageously funny, the Spoof Waiter Service comes complete with some of the most dazzling accessories in the entertainment industry. Sporting a diamond-encrusted cloche, this comedy waiter has gone to all lengths to make his act memorable.

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This Spoof Waiter Service is available to hire for events across London and the UK.

Make sure to warn your guests not to look directly at him, as the 5000 Swarovski crystals the spoof waiter carries have been known to blind people in the past.

This comedy waiter has even won awards for his imaginative show, with huge commercial cruise line Carnival voting him Comedy Act of the Year in 2007. In the 30 years he’s been in the business, he’s always left guests smiling. The Sales and Marketing Director of Smith Medical Corporation described the Spoof Waiter Service as ‘truly original and completely clean, perfect for our corporate event’.

To book the Spoof Waiter Service for your upcoming wedding, gala dinner or corporate event, get in touch with us as soon as you can.

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