Northern Chinese Lion Dancers

Our Northern Chinese Lion Dancers for hire will take your breath away as they perform an array of well-choreographed stunts!

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Reasons To Book The Northern Chinese Lion Dancers:

  • The Northern Chinese Lion Dancers are the perfect performers for Chinese New Year Celebrations and Street Parades
  • Our Chinese Lion Dancers have performed at public events in the UK and around the World
  • Available to book for Private, Corporate and Retail Clients
  • This Chinese Lion Dancing Group is made up of experienced, talented Dancers
  • Available to book for Chinese New Year 2022

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Our talented dancers have many years of experience so work in perfect synchronization and are thus able to bring the Northern Lion to life. You will be amazed as the 2 dancers who make up the Lion leap across various platforms together.

Chinese Lion Dancers are an important part of the Chinese New Year or Spring Festival celebrations as many people believe they bring luck alongside the Dragon dancers. There are also many stone representations of Lions as guardians that are situated in important sites across China.

Our Chinese Lions have been made with the utmost attention to detail which is reflected in the spectacular colours and various decorations that adorn the Chinese Lion costume. Furthermore, Northern Chinese Lion Dancers are initially red and have then been bedecked on light yellow fringing that is sure to catch the eye.

These Northern Chinese Lion Dancers are a fun and cultural display that is suitable for the whole family to enjoy. Chinese Lion Dancers are the perfect entertainment option to hire for a wide range of events including Chinese New Year Events, corporate events and Spring Festival celebrations in the UK and Australia.

The Northern Lion Dance comes from KungFu. Costumes are robust and allow for more movement, so the dance performance is more intense and technical. Northern Lion Dances involve high levels of gymnastics, wrestling, rolling and are just overall more athletic compared to a traditional Lion Dance routine.

If you’d like to find out more about our Lion Dance Group, please get in contact with a member of the team to discuss more.

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