Let us transport you to the heart of  Bejing with our incredible and transformative Chinese New Year Themed Events Service. Offering Chinese-inspire prop hire, venue transformation and decor.

Chinese New Year Themed Events Services

As industry experts in designing and dressing event spaces, there are so many ways that we can incorporate Chinese New Year Event Theming and Chinese inspired decor into your venue space.

Here are just some of the ways we can add Chinese Theming to your event:

  • Chinese New Year Themed Props
    • Including Zodiac inspired props
    • Bespoke Chinese prop builds
  • Venue draping and lighting
  • Custom Chinese themed set builds
  • Chinese performers and oriental themed entertainment
  • Chinese inspired catering and music

Engaging And Immersive Chinese New Year Themed events

When planning an event with a Chinese theme to it you want to ensure that every element of your guest’s experience is considered.

Whether you’re planning a party to celebrate Chinese New Year or perhaps an event with Chinese theming we can incorporate all kinds of Chinese themed event options into your overall package.

One example of how you can incorporate Chinese New Year into your themed event is by adding zodiac-themed decor. You can either go heavy on the animal of the year- 2022 is the year of the tiger so you could incorporate lots of tiger iconography and props. Or alternatively why not incorporate all 12 animals from the Chinese zodiac into your Chinese New Year themed events. From the rat to the pig and all the animals in between. We can create centrepieces, banners, add props and more to include this element of Chinese New Year into your themed event!

Alternatively, you might choose to go traditional and incorporate lots of decor and venue dressing options that incorporate the iconic red and gold colours that are so prevalent around Chinese New Year.

Whatever your idea, and whatever element of Chinese themed decorations you want to have featured in your event, we can create completely unique and personal concepts to complement and showcase your Chinese New Year Themed Event.

Chinese New Year Themed Events Decoration Ideas

There are so many ways you can incorporate Chinese New Year decorations into your event, creating a cohesive and beautiful event that will transport your guests to the heart of China.

Some of the most common decorations that are used in Chinese New Year parties and celebrations include: 

  • Chinese Lanterns (typically in red and gold colours)
  • Intricate Chinese Paper Cuttings
  • Cherry Blossom Trees
  • Chinese Couplets
  • Red Pockets

As creative event designers, we can take these traditional elements of Chinese New Year decorations and incorporate them into your theme.

Alternatively, if you’re looking to host an event and would rather focus on Chinese culture rather than Chinese new year we can come up with all kinds of decor to suit. Whether you want to take inspiration from Chinese street art and the market culture, or perhaps have your event focus on the aesthetics of imperial China.

Our themed event team can create custom concepts and party themes  to suit your ideas and events!

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Chinese New Year 2022: Online & Virtual

For Chinese New Year 2022 (year of the Tiger), we have made our Chinese New Year themed events options available for both live and virtual events, ensuring everyone gets to celebrate!

This means that not only can we offer Chinese New Year theming and entertainment live and in-person but we can also offer all kinds of Chinese New Year Party options virtually.

From our amazing array of Chinese New year virtual entertainment to all kinds of virtual and socially distanced theming and Chinese New Year decoration options.

Previously we have worked with clients on outdoor, socially distanced activities such as Chinese Calligraphy stands and lion dancers. We have also created all kinds of online Chinese New Year inspired workshops including Cookery Classes, Moon Cake Workshops, Chinese Brush Painting and much much more.

Furthermore, we have even supplied and installed Chinese New Year theming and decorations into virtual studios so that companies can present their virtual Chinese New Year Events in an environment that is decorated to celebrate the occasion.

Bespoke Chinese new year Decorations

Bright reds and dazzling golds set the right tone for your Chinese New Year Themed events.

When organising an event the first and most important thing your guests will notice is the venue dressing. Let us help you create the right kind of impact with our specialist Bespoke prop hire and Chinese New Year Decorations.

Using Draping and Lighting we can transform any venue ready to impress your guests. Driveaway Nian and other evil spirits with bright red decorations and perhaps even a fireworks display!

Perfect for Gala Dinners and Award Ceremonies, as well as public spaces like Shopping Centres, High Streets and Shops.

Because our venue dressing is bespoke, we always work with you in mind. Therefore we can tailor-make the right package and styling to suit you.

Additionally, if you’re looking for an alternative far-east Asia theme, take a look at our Dystopian Tokyo event theming option.


Chinese New Year Entertainment Options

Once you have created an amazing Chinese New Year themed events space you want to create some atmosphere. Therefore add incredible Chinese themed entertainment!

Whether you want walkabout entertainment, meeting and greeting guests in extravagant costumes or makeup inspired by China. Lion dancers to bring a sense of authentic Chinese New Year celebrations to your event. Or perhaps you want skilled Chinese acrobats to wow guests.

Our entertainment agency can source and supply all kinds of incredible Chinese entertainment options!

Additionally, we supply catering options too, so if you want your guests to have a taste of Asia we can work with you to create some amazing food options to wow and delight your guest’s pallets.

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