Virtual Christmas Grotto Experience

Christmas 2020 will be different due to COVID-19 guidelines and restriction, but this by no means has made Christmas Grotto experiences impossible!

We have adapted our traditional Christmas Grotto experiences to be COVID-19 compliant by offering our bespoke Virtual Christmas Grotto Experience.

Our new COVID compliant Virtual Santa Grottos creates the same effect of a traditional Christmas Grotto but in the comfort of your own home.

To make our Virtual Christmas Grotto Experience as authentic and as close to the real thing as possible, we are able to provide Christmas Gift Boxes which can be planned in liaison with your Virtual Grotto Experience. This enables the traditional Christmas Grotto experience of giving out gifts still possible!

Gift Boxes can be opened up whilst being a part of our Virtual Christmas Grotto Experience. We find this option great for Children and Families looking to bring some Christmas cheer to their homes whilst COVID-19 restrictions are in place.

This makes a traditional Christmas Grotto event still possible, with just a few adaptions. Most importantly, it is created in a COVID-safe manner that puts the safety of those in attendance first.

We also offer COVID-compliant LIVE Christmas Grotto Events.

COVID-19 Save Events stamp. We are able to produce and manage events whilst COVID-19 restrictions are in place.

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