Virtual Personalised Santa Messages

For Christmas 2020 we are able to provide a unique Virtual Santa Claus experience through our Virtual personalised Santa Claus messages!

From £20 Per Message

(Minimum of 10 messages required) + Gift Box Costs + VAT

These personalised Christmas messages are for Retail and Shopping Centre clients who are looking for bespoke pre-recorded messages from Santa to send out to their clients.

We only offer our personalised Santa messages on bulk.

We Offer 3 Options:

  • Advent Calendar Santa Messages: 25 bespoke Christmas messages from Santa for the lead up to Christmas.
  • 12 Days of Christmas: 12 bespoke Christmas Messages from Santa for 12 days of Christmas (25th Dec – 5th Jan 2021)
  • Bulk Christmas Messages: A minimum of 10 bespoke Christmas Messages from Santa

Our bespoke Santa Claus messages can be up to 1 min 30 secs where our Santa Claus performer can read out a bespoke script to give you a personalised Santa message.

  • We include full Broadcast Rights in the package
  • We only use a REAL background: no greenscreen or backdrops

Taking place in our studio spaces, our bespoke Santa Claus Christmas messages are great for Retail Clients looking for something special to do this Christmas. For example as a message from a Shopping Centre to Shoppers.

Alternatively, they can be used by companies who want to give their staff a Christmas message, for example, a Christmas message from a CEO to staff.

COVID-19 Save Events stamp. We are able to produce and manage events whilst COVID-19 restrictions are in place.

What Do We Need From You?

  • An Understanding of your Requirements
  • What is needed in each message?
  • Where will it be presented to? For example, is it going on a website, social media channels etc.
  • What format is your video required in?
  • Do you require editing of the video?
  • We require 1 week lead time to get your messages recorded
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