Illuminated Christmas Stilt Walkers

The Illuminated Christmas Stilt Walkers for hire are a group of talented Christmas entertainers that put on a vivid and magical show. Prepare to be amazed at your corporate event or Winter Wonderland event in London or the UK this winter.

Why Book Our Illuminated Christmas Stilt Walkers?

  • Dazzling performance that will leave your audience spellbound
  • Suitable for audiences of all ages and backgrounds
  • Beautifully crafted and intricate LED costumes
  • Can fit in with traditional or contemporary themes
  • Master stilt walkers with an array of impressive tricks and moves

Our Illuminated Christmas Stilt Walkers for hire are the perfect addition to any type of Christmas corporate event. Whether you’re looking at using a traditional theme or a more modern one, these Christmas entertainers have always left guests’ mouths gaping with their vibrant, colourful and classy performances. Not only are they a marvellously talented group of stilt walkers, but an innovative and creative collection of visual artists whose performances are universally appreciated.

Sit back, relax and let the Illuminated Christmas Stilt Walkers take over. Be prepared to enter the most surreal environment that bridges the gap between reality and the world of dreams, enchanting your mind and landing you a tranquil new realm. You won’t want to return from the truly serene and peaceful place that these Christmas entertainers take you to with their performance, where you will feel entirely at one with your surroundings.

Helping you to escape to that fantasy world are the beautiful, bespoke costumes worn by the Illuminated Christmas Stilt Walkers. Complete with a dash of glitter, a sprinkling of snow and an abundance of colourful LED lights, each of the stilt walkers for hire wear an outfit that’s hand made to captivate your imagination, adding to a technically genius act that is continuing to impress audience after audience at corporate event after corporate event.

The Illuminated Christmas Stilt Walkers are gaining growing recognition throughout Europe for the Christmas spirit they’re spreading year upon year. They’ve performed at a number of different prestigious venues, such as the Palais de l‘Elysse and Disneyland Paris, so your corporate event will seem like a walk in the park for these professional stilt walkers for hire.

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Watch Our Illuminated Christmas Stilt Walkers in action!

These brightly dressed stilt walkers for hire are a must-have at any corporate event or Winter Wonderland event this Christmas. These Christmas entertainers never fail to disappoint and are available to book in London and the UK.

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