Royal Glacier Stilt Walkers

Our Royal Glacier Stilt Walkers for hire are a pair of Christmas entertainers that are certain to add a touch of class to your corporate event this winter.

With their impeccable silver suits and their flawless adherence to upper-class etiquette, this walkabout act will raise the profile of your Christmas themed event in London or the UK this winter.

Why Book Our Royal Glacier Stilt Walker?

  • Sparky silver outfits set the tone for the rest of the event
  • Can be hired as a Christmas walkabout act or Christmas meet and greet act
  • Renowned for their ability to keep up an excellent rapport with guests
  • Superbly skilled stilt walkers with a passion for their job
  • Available for corporate events, Christmas Themed Events and Winter Wonderland Events
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Read More About The Royal Glacier Stilt Walkers

The Royal Glacier stilt walkers for hire are a duo of Christmas entertainers that are classy, stylish and full of tongue-in-cheek humour. Rumoured to have connections with some of Europe’s most powerful families, this walkabout act will bring a whole new level of sophistication to your corporate event this Christmas. Warn guests to be on their best behaviour, as this walkabout act has been known to ‘gently’ remind attendees at Christmas themed events in London and the UK of exactly the proper way to carry on.

Having trained at the Royal Academy of Performing Arts in Holland before spending 15 as stilt walkers for hire, these two Christmas entertainers know their trade inside out. This means the walkabout act also knows an audience inside out too and will have absolutely no trouble interacting with all guests and getting everyone at your corporate event involved with the festivities. Try saying no when one of these talented Christmas entertainers asks for your involvement, no matter how cool you think you are you won’t be able to resist.

To match their elite performance skills and persona, these stilt walkers for hire will arrive in the finest of attire at your Christmas themed event. We weren’t joking around when we said these Christmas entertainers were classy, meaning every element of this walkabout act oozes grandeur and status, especially their outfits. Decorated from head to toe in the most expensive fabrics and accessories, these stilt walkers for hire will be turning heads at any corporate event in London or the UK.

These Christmas entertainers will definitely go amiss at your Christmas themed event this winter, so don’t miss out the chance to book them soon. For more information on how to secure these stilt walkers for hire as a walkabout act for your next corporate event in London or the UK, get in touch with us as soon as you can!

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