The Snowy Siberians

Our Snowy Siberian stilt walkers for hire have travelled all the way from the Arctic tundra grace Christmas Themed Events in London and the UK with their presence.

Adding an element of Russian royalty to your next Winter Wonderland Event, these Christmas entertainers provide elegance and class with their walkabout act.

Why Book The Snowy Siberians?

  • Christmas entertainers have over 20 years of experience in circus and theatre
  • Friendly walkabout act will interact well with all guests
  • Striking, white costumes fit nicely into any Winter Wonderland theme
  • Available for indoor and outdoor bookings including shopping centre events
  • Proven to be popular with guests of all ages
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Read More About The Snowy Siberians

Passing through many a Winter Wonderland and picking up all sorts of festive tales along their journey, the Snowy Siberian stilt walkers for hire have arrived at Christmas themed events across London and the UK with their innovative walkabout act. These Christmas entertainers have been extremely popular with guests wherever they’ve performed, and demand for this unique walkabout act concept at shopping centre events is continuing to grow year in year out.

Rumoured to be direct descendants of the last Tsar Nicholas II, these stilt walkers for hire have a wealth of inside information regarding Russia’s most important people. It’s an understatement to say these Christmas entertainers have been keeping the press on their toes recently, often guilty of spilling stories that the Russian government have kept under wraps for years at Winter Wonderland events. People have always been quick to compliment this walkabout act for the way it has kept guests riveted with its catalogue of exclusive stories.

Having mastered an array of circus and theatre skills, these Christmas entertainers plenty of tricks up their sleeve to pull out when you least expect. This walkabout act is known for its ability to effortlessly execute improvised tricks and jokes like only true professionals can, building a rapport with any audience before you’ve had time to blink. If you want to create a friendly Winter Wonderland environment at your next shopping centre event, then these Christmas entertainers should be at the top of your wish list this winter.

No Christmas themed event would be complete without the Snowy Siberians walkabout act, which is why they’ve been booked up so early in recent years. For more information on how to book these stilt walkers for hire for Winter Wonderland shopping centre events in London and the UK this Christmas, get in touch with us as soon as you can.

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