Winter Queen Stilt Walkers

Our Winter Queen Stilt Walkers for hire are an elegant group of performers who will charm you and your guests as they parade around the event. Dressed in crisp white costumes, our Queens are the epitome of grace and nobility.

The Winter Queens are a truly versatile act as they can be hired as walkabout entertainment, meet and greet entertainment or as the main feature of an event. As walkabout entertainment, they will interact with your guests as they go.

If it’s meet and greet entertainment you’re looking for, then they can be hired to greet guests as they enter the venue of the building. With so much choice, it’s easy to see why stilt walkers are so popular.

Our Winter Queen Stilt Walkers are a beautifully designed act that will enhance any event by creating an abundance of Christmas spirit and magic for everyone to enjoy. The Winter Queen Stilt Walkers are available to book for Christmas-themed events, Winter Wonderland events, corporate events and much more.

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