Gods Of The Sea

Tritons are considered to be gods messengers of the sea, they have a merman form, a human upper body and a mermaid like lower body, allowing them to travel the seas and forwarding messages.

Our gods of the seas ride the waves upon their Dolphin like chariots filling his area with ocean sounds and spreading bubbles as they go.

Our Tritons are a fun and eye-catching and suit maritime and nautical themed events perfectly. They can be hired individually or a trio of Sea Gods.

The performers who ride upon these dolphin chariots are experienced street performers and entertainers who will interact and entertain the crowds as they travel through your venue or grounds.

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Aquatic-themed Walkabout – Watch it Here!

Take a look at our exciting aquatic-themed walkabout act. These regal Gods of the Sea are a fun-filled act that will captivate all of your guests. These intriguing nautical-themed Gods will zoom around your event, blowing bubbles as they go. These majestic and vibrant Gods will be sure to enchant everyone at your next event.

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